At Last China To Eradicate Malaria by 2030

Yes! the Chinese are set to eradicate Malaria. There seems to be nothing the Chinese cannot do.

After so many decades, so many losses of lives and abject poverty caused directly and remotely by that stubborn buzzing thing called mosquitoes. At last the devastating and deadly scourge of malaria will be eliminated.

Thanks to an anti-malaria campaign co-organized by China’s Guangdong New South Group and the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

According to Puka Temu Papua New Guinea (PNG) Health Minister of the nation said from 2030 Malaria will be eliminated from the South Pacific nation.

He told local newspaper the National on Wednesday that eradicating the often deadly disease is now within reach. “The success of the Fast Elimination of Malaria by Source Eradication using the Mass Drug Administration pilot project at Kiriwina shows tremendous results and there is a strong understanding between the two countries (China and PNG) particularly in the eradication of malaria,” Puka said.

Chinese researchers were led to the tropical island of Kiriwina off the east coast of PNG because, among its population of 40,000 residents, there were 179 reported cases per 1,000 people of malaria in 2016 where they developed anti-malaria medicine which Known as Artemisinin, a combination of modern science and ancient Chinese medicine.

The drug directly targets the parasitic infection plasmodium which causes malaria. The Chinese cure has seen the island now become over 99 percent malaria free.

Upon learning of the program’s amazing success, the Minister said he will bring the issue to the national parliament and make it the highest priority to spread the program throughout the country’s hospitals, clinics, and aid posts.

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