Evi Edna Ogholi – My Favorite Africa Reggae Queen

Evi Edna Ogholi – Africa’s queen of Reggae still is my best and all time favorite.

Years back in secondary school, everybody tried to tongue twist and sing and pretend they could sing better than others.

Of Course some people could sing and dance to it, they were the envy of everyone else. It’s titled ‘Obaro!’ Oh Wow! It’s the best in her collection for me. And Ririovara!

There is another ‘Happy Birthday’ If you haven’t played Evi Edna’s Happy Birthday then your party hasn’t started. Listening to her lyrics right now bring so many awesome memories. I’m very sure it will do same for you.

‘This is my message to the youth’ is another beautiful one. Messages that touch the heart and encourage you to do right.

‘There is no place like home’ yet another on her track. It tells you that when you go north, south, east and west you should d always go back home- ‘Home Sweet Home’. Because there is a lot of peace, love, happiness and joy at home.

Yet a few more amongst the lot- Oghene me, Funny thing is i had no clue what she said, not just me, but it great miming and dancing to her songs. Her charming smile just captivates you and brfore you know it, you are singing along.

Now the funniest of all her songs are ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Next door neighbour leave me alone’.  These were easy! When anyone gets in your bad book you just unleash these songs with your loudest tone!

Do you remember her ‘Special dedication to all lovers of reggae music all over the world’. Reggae her kind of music.

‘One Kilometer’  tells about how there are too many languages in Nigeria. Just by travelling one kilometer, you are in a different state with it’s own different language.

A Lingua Franca for this very Giant of Africa. That is how big Nigeria is. Diverse but united.


Source – Youtube


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