Origin of Fashion and How People Choose To Dress Naked

Change remains perhaps the only thing that is constant. Fashion being a transient word that incorporates change and borders on a lot of factors;- cultural inclination, the extent of civilization, socioeconomic status, environmental setting, religious beliefs, and individual perspectives- remains constant.  So once you get tired of a style or trend, you move to the next thing that’s in vogue. As a result, the human dress sense has continued to evolve from being naked to now revolve back to being naked. So it seems.

The human evolution has come a long way. In the process of exploiting the ecology, we lost our fur. Clothing dates back to almost  650 thousand years ago.

Clothes are as accessories we borrowed from animals. We did this in order to differentiate between; tribes, nations and to identify ourselves to particular classes, position, or rule in the society. Eventually, we created a fashion and a dress sense in the process.

Most animals have natural ways to hide themselves and their private property; fur or dense hair. We don’t. Thus we copied clothing and fashion styles from animals.

The Christian perspective on how the world began in the Garden of Eden is also a history of how clothes and fashions began. When God created Adam and Eve, He made them naked and natural. There was no wrong in the world and therefore nothing was thought about their naked bodies. Adam and Eve weren’t embarrassed, they didn’t hide their bodies until Eve ate the apple from the forbidden fruit tree and disobeyed God’s order, that’s when evil was let into the world and they suddenly became aware that they were both naked, only then did Adam and Eve hide their body parts with leaves.

It’s arguably true that the probable reason why we wear clothes today is that that is what’s acceptable in our society. We have been hiding our bodies right from the beginning, we have been taught that showing our bodies isn’t exactly the right thing to do and so we cover up.

As a result, clothes are worn for different reasons; for protection from the elements like the harsh sun, fierce winds and cold weather. We wear clothes to feel better about ourselves and as a means to express individuality, mood, and views.  Many wear loose clothes to feel comfortable, because society expects us to, and because, in a lot of places, it is illegal not to do so.  Indulging in the aesthetic aspect of clothing is an essential part of what makes us humans. This is obvious not only in posh societies but also in tribal ones and we have always used clothes or accessories for purpose of vanity.


But today’s fashion trend seems to be going all the way back to the natural state of the human body. That our bodies are natural and beautiful has been the driving concept. Consequently, if people want to walk around naked; then they can.

Doing this, we seem to have forgotten the core reason we wear clothes. To cover up our multitude of sins.

 The wearing of clothes serves as a special reminder that death brought about sin, first to the animal kingdom and second to humanity. Because the consequence of sin is death.

The real essence of fashion, therefore, is to remind us of the paradise lost.


But to some extent freedom of expression is the right to offend, so occasionally you’ll get a woman or man who dresses skimpily because she can exercise her choice and her right to do so.

It empowers us when we defy attempts of others to control how we dress.

That brings us full circle today; the internet age. Naked images are available at the drop of a hat. Nudity is no longer new or controversial.

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