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The Killing Of Alex Badeh And The Troubling Comments About Death

Since the gruesome killing of Alex Badeh, may people have taken to twitter to celebrate Badeh’s death thus provoking a rethink over the reality of death

The late Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh (rtd), former chief of defense staff, was in his Toyota Tundra truck with registration number MUB 396 AA when he was shot by some unknown gunmen at a location in Gitata community on Keffi-Bade road, Nasarawa state. Badeh was 61.

The late military chief was charged for corruption soon after President Buhari sacked him alongside other military bosses on July 13, 2015. He was alleged to have benefited from the $2.1billion looted Dasuki arms fund. The prosecution said Badeh and his coterie of military bosses took advantage of the insecurity in the Northeast to enrich theirselves. He was tried by the EFCC for laundering the sum of N3.9 billion, among other scandals. 

On Wednesday, October 24, 2018, the EFCC closed its corruption case against Badeh after summoning 21 witnesses during trial. The prosecuting EFCC filed a no-case submission in the case. 

President Muhammadu Buhari has described the killing of former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh (rtd) as “very sad and unfortunate.” On the break of the news of his death, some Nigerians (not few) have been of the opinion that for Badeh, the chickens have come home to roost. They contend that Badeh’s death was deserving of a man who was accused of malfeasance in the funds voted to fight insecurity and terrorism in the country. While it may be viewed as bursts of anger at a serial leadership failure, celebrating the death of another is  out the scoop of humans.

Firstly, a universalization of their concept would amount to playing gods over the affairs of men when men have not faired any better over fellow human beings. For it were as simpletonic they sound, the premise of their philosophy would therefore conclude that; Because President Obasanjo spent over $16 billion on electricity without adding a commiserate wattage to the national grid, then Obasanjo would die in darkness. Because President Buhari has dragged more Nigerians into poverty and made Nigeria the world capital of poverty, then PMB would die of poverty. And all those governors that did not repair dilapidated roads and constructs new ones thereby causing accidents and untold number of deaths, will all die by road accidents. What about the cheating partner, the deceiving clergy, the corrupt teacher, the bribe collecting desk officer, the rapist, the kidnapper and the end of all those that have caused and perpetuated this broken society?

But the logic of life doesn’t follow straight curves and highways. Bad things happen to good people as much as to good things to bad people. The ugly win as much as the beautiful loose. Those who live healthy and pure still die young unfulfilled sometimes while rolling stones dance through life. Great suffering and great joy live opposite. The good die while the bad live on. The bad also die while the good live on. The good, bad and the ugly all exist under grace. And everybody falls from grace at one time or another.

Secondly, Karma has remained a concept we tend to invoke when it’s someone else in the casket. Karma as a religious and deep spiritual teaching has been questionable. There is no Karma is any religion that upholds the existence of a supreme supernatural loving judge who knows best and acts according to what he knows. There is no karma in true Christian doctrine nor in Islam. Karma is a human concept in seeking for justice outside the judgment of God. Karma is man asking God to think and act like man.

Death as Ivan Karamazov pointed out in Dostoyeski’s great novel comes to one person at a time-and the underserved death (suffering) of a single human being (Nigerian) raises the problem all the same. The French Mathematician Blaise Pascal said “I know not who put me into this world, nor what the world is, nor what I myself am. I am in terrible ignorance of everything…All I know is that I must soon die, but what I know least is this very death which I cannot explain.”

Nature treats death as normal occurrence. We, humans, tend to react with shock and elaboration; as we can never get used to the most powerful of life experiences.  We treat death as the ultimate evil whereas the religions we practice treat death as the ultimate experience of bliss. The dead don’t know our worry. Perhaps their spirits watch and laugh over how we quarrel about how they lived their lives. They, being on a better side wonder and amuse over how we embalm the dead, dress up the corpse in new clothes, and amidst fanfare bury them in airtight expensive coffins in a vault to slow natural decay. Yet as we refuse to admit the reality of death, we seem more to learn nothing from their lives and from their death.  

To say the least the way and manner Badeh died should once again prick our general commitment to both nation building and social development. Some residents of the community said Badeh was shot as he made his way from his farm between Koso and Kugwaru communities. They said the deceased chose to go through Panda road off the Keffi-Bade highway due to the dilapidation of the Mararaba route. (Bad Roads).

Witnesses said Badeh was shot few minutes from Zango Gitata, a community located between two military checkpoints. Also on the Keffi-Bade road is the Shitu Alao Barracks. Read more (Still on security).

It was also reported that the assailants ( who abound everywhere in our country)  did not know who Badeh was and were on their normal and regular marauding raid on residents and road users who have been living under fear.

Badeh’s truck was pierced by bullets, its windows shattered, its bonnet ridden with bullets. The front tyre of the passenger side was also blown out. Some residents also disclosed that the layout of the crime scene was consistent with the style of operation of gunmen who regularly attack travelers in the area.

At times like this when even a high ranking security chief  like Alex Badeh can be helplessly downed by road killers, when leadership failure continues to sink our national titanic deeper. Times like this call for meaning of why things sometimes happen in the very contrary. To understand that God makes good out of evil but does not cause evil so that good nay come out. To stand in the knowing that we can’t understand everything but assured that God gat our backs.



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