Uche Nwosu: How Pride Goes Before A Fall

In a video that went viral mid last year, Mr. Uche Nwosu was seen alightening from a chopper, surrounded and welcomed by a host of his supporters. While acknowledging their welcome, he boasted:

“I have seen the seat of the government of Imo State. And I have seen myself sitting on that seat.”

This kind of braggadocios statements from both him and his father in law Rochas Okorocha instead of laying out policy and development narratives were the hall mark of his ill fated political campaign. So here are his 12 steps to doom.

  1. “The attention of His Excellency Ugwumba Uche Nwosu has been drawn to a forged congratulatory message making the rounds on social media, purporting that the Action Alliance candidate has conceded defeat and congratulated Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha. ….”

Please when did he become an “Excellency”?

  1. “Rochas is a hypocrite, eight years in office he did nothing, now he’s trying to bring in some kind of modalities so that we’ll not send him to prison. Rochas is going to prison, he wanted to bring in Ogwumba to cover up his atrocities, and will still be manipulating Ogwumba against us, it cannot be, it cannot be. Solidarity continues, Rochas is going to prison, the second governor that will go to prison.” Statement of a madman on the streets of wetheral in Owerri in a video that went viral.

  2. “What will Uche Nwosu do for me? Since he married my daughter he has only bought two shoes for me. One pair does not even enter my legs. My interest is good governance” Rochas Okorocha.

  1. “I was greatly disturbed in the spirit concerning the man Uche Nwosu. The Spirit said, you must go and congratulate him as the future governor of Imo State. It was a war, I had to ask myself what brought me to this Church today?, But then, heaven told me in plain terms that it’s a mandate that I must fulfill. And so, before the end of service, I had to lift up myself from my seat and went to him. My words, I hate you Uche Nwosu but as the Lord mandated me, accept my congratulations as the incoming governor of Imo State.”

Bishop Innocent Erimujor speaking on behalf of over 7000 clergy that gathered to anoint Uche Nnwosu Governor of Imo State 0n March 5the 2019 a few days to the election.

  1. “Nwosu will win in 2019, don’t be afraid, I am there, I have retired the Arthur Nzeribes, the Udenwas, now I will retire the rest of them finally, I know them and they know me, their plan is to push me so that they can get the senate, it’s a lie, I will run for the senate as well.” Rocha Okorocha on anointing Uche Nwosu his successor

  1. “I don’t know the information available to you from whatever source, victory is in my favour from the reports at my disposal and I will win by the grace of God.”  Uche Nwosu a day after the march 9 election

  1. “Most of the Igbo elite have compromised but I am the only person who has not compromised and will not compromise.” Rochas Okorocha on his 2023 Presidential ambition

  1. “Let me inform all of you that Ugwumba Uche Nwosu is APC in spirit and AA in dressing. He is still one of you and only using the platform to correct an injustice done to Imo people. ….“Let me inform those from Abuja, don’t be deceived by what they tell you, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu will win the governorship election in Imo state.” Rochas Okorocha addressing a hired crowd on March 5th few days to the election.

  1. “If I Open My Mouth And Say What I Know, Nigerians Will burn” Rochas Okorocha

  1. “Come Saturday, March 9, 2019, let’s all go out there to vote massively to elect our own, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu. I assure you that our victory will be overwhelming as God’s hand has signed and sealed it. I promise to consolidate on the achievements of His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha.” Uche Nwosu in a joint address with Rochas Okorocha to a hired crowd in Owerri.

  1. I won that (primary) election. I remain the candidate of the APC and nobody can take it away from me. It might take a while but let me state it and state it clearly, I am the candidate of the APC and by the special grace of God, come 2019 I have no doubt that I will be the governor of Imo State.”  Uche Nwosu boasting of reclaiming the APC ticket


  1. “We say this for posterity sake. Imo people, including youths, students, men and women have “thrown their unalloyed support behind” the youthful Chief of Staff, Uche Nwosu, for the 2019 governorship in the state. He has become the subject matter as long as that issue is concerned, with APC officials and leaders from 24 out of the 27 local governments in the state having already endorsed him for the 2019 Imo guber.” Rochas Okrocha’s Government’s response to alleged assault by Uche Nwosu and his men on Catholic Archbishop of Owerri  Anthony Obinna


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